About Our NZ Lavender Oil

NZLavender’s pure lavender essential oil is 100% pure and natural, making it ideal for use in aromatherapy. We are New Zealand’s largest commercial lavender farm, producing the finest quality lavender essential oil, which we distribute all around the world. Our smooth, balanced and award winning unique lavender essential oil is the perfect choice for aromatherapy; used in sleep support, baby care, stress management and healthy living.

Every summer over 110,000 Lavandula angustifolia plants – the “True lavender” -  turn our Canterbury farm purple with a spectacular show of flowers. These flowers are the source of NZLavender's specialised hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical-quality lavender essential oil - known for its soothing, healing and balancing properties. There are many different types of lavender, but our special variety of “true lavender” has been selected for its unique oil properties. As a result, our NZLavender oil is highly sought after as arguably the world's first hypoallergenic, pure unadulterated lavender oil.

While it may be cheaper to buy other lavender oils from overseas, in particular Bulgaria (where most 'French lavender oil' is produced), our NZLavender oil is a superior quality product with unusually high proportions of beneficial ingredients and characteristically low proportions of undesirable ingredients. These desirable qualities are due to a combination of naturally occurring factors and careful distillation and storage. We are proud to be producing such a high quality, naturally low allergen lavender oil in commercial volumes.
NZLavender essential oil’s unique low allergen and low irritant composition makes it ideal for delicate skin. It has high levels of healing components, making it perfect for aromatherapy. The oil is GE/GM free (non-GMO) and tested each year by independent laboratories.

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10 key points about NZLavender

    • 100% grown and distilled in New Zealand
    • 100% pure and natural – nothing added and nothing taken away
    • 100% True lavender - Lavandula angustifolia – the most effective and safest of all the lavenders
    • Arguably the World’s first hypoallergenic lavender oil
    • Ideal for use on delicate skin, due to its unique low allergen and low irritant composition
    • High levels of the healing components in lavender, so perfect for aromatherapy
    • Non GMO (GE/GM free)
    • Tested each year by independent laboratories
    • Wonderfully balanced, smooth and gentle, long-lasting aroma
    • Attractively packaged in a blue glass bottle and box – the perfect gift

Now exporting to 18 countries worldwide.

The NZLavender Production Team

NZLavender isn’t just a business; it is our way of life.  We are the production team – Dr Philip Simms and Owen Dexter – and we are personally involved in the whole process from plant to oil, so can guarantee the purity of our product and our method, every step of the way. 

Philip and Owen had a dream of producing the most purest & natural lavender oil in the world. Over many years they have grown & nurtured their lavender plants to get them to the peak of health and production. Their unique variety of Lavandula angustifolia has been bred using traditional plant breeding techniques and has not been genetically modified. The lavender field is cultivated and hand-weeded to prevent contamination from other plants. New Zealand’s unique climate and unpolluted air is the perfect growing environment for lavender. The great farming methods ensure that the flowers are harvested and distilled into pure essential oil within one hour, this is followed by careful controlled storage to maintain quality.

(Current lavender farm owner)

After 13 years of hard working, Philip and Owen has fulfilled their dreams. They have produced award winning worldwide sold top. They created quality lavender essential oil. The December 2019, they passed their beloved lavender farm to Dr.  John Yi Jiang and Ching Wang.

Dr. John Yi Jiang and Ching Wang are both qualified Chinese medicine professionals within nearly 40 years clinical experience respectively.

One day in 2016, Dr. John Yi Jiang found  the NZ lavender oil is greatly helpful for his mouth pain, relief and healing the pain, which has bothered him for almost 40 years. And later discovered more benefits for other health problems.

After compared and figure other different specialities of lavender oils. Dr. John liked the NZLavender oil, the best for its fragrance, taste and healing pain. And he becomes passionate with the lavender products produced by Philip and Owen. And eventually bought the lavender farm from them in December 2019. 

Dr. John Yi  Jiang has devoted the most of his spare time on the farm and supervised by Philip and Owen.