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Perfect Environment

New Zealand’s unique climate and unpolluted air is the perfect growing environment for lavender. NZLavender farm is proud to have it's own beautiful picture on it's package. 

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NZLavender farming methods ensure that the flowers are harvested and distilled into pure essential oil within one hour, this is followed by careful controlled storage to maintain quality.

Low Allergen

NZLavender essential oil’s unique low allergen and low irritant composition make it ideal for delicate skin.

It has high levels of healing components, making it perfect for aromatherapy and healthcare.

The oil is GE/GM-free (non-GMO) and tested each year by independent respectful university laboratories.


More Valuable

NZLavender oil is a superior quality product with unusually high proportions of beneficial ingredients and characteristically least proportions of undesirable ingredients. These desirable qualities are due to a combination of naturally occurring factors and careful distillation and storage. 

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The flowers are harvested and distilled into pure essential oil within 1 hour 



A drop or two will support your nutural sleep.



100% Pure & Natural & NZ Made

 Our Story 

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