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Our Story

Philip and Owen had a dream — to produce the most natural and the highest-quality essential lavender oil in the world. After 13 years of hard work, their dream came true. The NZLavender essential oil won the Australia Lavender Growers' Association Oil 1st Place Award in 2010.


In December 2019, Philip and Owen retired and sold their beloved NZLavender farm to Dr John Yi Jiang and Mrs Qing Wang. Dr John Yi Jiang and Mrs Qing Wang are both traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists with nearly 80 years of clinical experience between them.

NZ Lavender Hero PERFECT Landscape_extd_5ml_edited.jpg

Why did  they buy NZLavender farm? Their story began in 2016. One day in 2016, Dr Jiang read an advertisement by chance for sale of NZLavender.  The advertisement  aroused his curiosity. At that time he knew nearly nothing  about lavender essential oils. After thorough research, he found that although lavender essential oil had been used for thousands of years in the western world, it was mainly used for light skin burns and scalds, aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety, and to help with sleep.


Due to lavender essential oil's allergenicity, it was hardly used orally and mucosally. Dr Jiang suffered from recurrent mouth ulcers for nearly 40 years and tried various remedies and treatments of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine without ideal results. Then, he tried to the NZLavender essential oil directly on the ulcers, and experienced pain-relief and tremendous healing effects. After a few months,  his mouth ulcers were cured!


After comparison of various species of lavender essential oils, Dr Jiang found that the Lavandula angustifolia ‘Avice Hill’  lavender essential oil was his favorite for its smell, taste, and skincare and healing effects. He then tried NZLavender essential oil on many other health ailments  with amazing therapeutic results.

Dr Jiang was sold on the wide spread benefits of the lavender oil and his passion grew so much so, that he bought the farm from  Philip and Owen  in December 2019 . He now devotes most of his spare time to the NZLavener farm and its healing aspects.

The NZLavender essential oils are now sold around the globe.

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